Alaska | Werewolf

Alaska | Werewolf

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Lotte By LotteHolder Updated 6 days ago

Alaska Morgan is a rogue. Having fled from her pack at the age of twelve, she has lived a life of peace and isolation from the packs since.

But when her group of Rogues is attacked by a pack under the order of the dying Alpha King, and Alaska reveals her true identity, she has no choice but to compete in the Alpha Trials.

Against one hundred other alphas, Alaska must compete to become the next Alpha Queen against her will. Losing will mean death. Winning will mean a life she doesn't want.

Amongst the chaos, a complex and dark love flourishes. If only it wasn't with the one person Alaska had sworn never to forgive...

I hope you give it a try.
[This is not your normal werewolf story. Shifting females are rare. Werewolves can choose their mates]
[Highest Rank: #273 in werewolf]
[Absolutely gorgeous cover by @Princessmoonlightx ]
[Featured in @Werewolf 's official 'Rogues' reading list]
[#1 in Top of the Genre - werewolf and vampire]

YESSS FINALLY!! Although I'm not a huge fan of werewolf, I do enjoy the genre, but there are so many *crappy* werewolf stories on WP, and they're all cliche. I hope you don't disappoint Lotte!
Your trailer looked like an actually book trailer! The scenes fit together so perfectly! It was just absolutely amazing!
midnightera midnightera Jul 16
..................................that was the coolest thing I've ever seen............
MarizaHaris MarizaHaris Jul 10
I see "Add it Up" and "Knocking On Heaven's Door". My thoughts "Not. Surprised." *thumbs up*
-Snowy- -Snowy- Aug 25
This is cool, how you made a trailer and everything. You're good