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Can't lose you again //Everthorne//

Can't lose you again //Everthorne//

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Jezzbm By jezzbm Updated Feb 12, 2017

Okay, so this is my last inpiration. The story is about the true story without the people I hated (Peeta, Coin, Plutarch).

Jasmine, the mistery spy and terrorist killed Peeta. She also killed President Coin and Plutarch. The rebellion stopped, the leader is now Paylor from District 8. Katniss has nightmares every night, but Gale is there for her.

Actually, guys, there are so many what if's right now. Peeta can't hurt their relationship, and Coin can't drop the bomb. It's a new beginning where they don't live.

I do not own any characters, they are all belong to Suzanne Collins. All rights reserved to Lionsgate.

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