Adopted By Phan

Adopted By Phan

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Mya By crazygirlisreal Completed

"Go kill your self Alex no one likes you" lizzie yelled at me. 
"Fine I fucking well will" I yell as I run in to my room. 

14 year old Alex has been in an orphanage since her parents died in a fire when she was 10. The only thing keeping her saine were her favorite YouTubers: Dan, Phil, my digital escape, Tyler Hagen and social repose. 

When some unsuspecting people visit the orphanage to adopt her life is turned up side down but will dan and Phil save Alex from her monsters before its to late?

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bobbinogss bobbinogss Aug 06
Ah she said in her thoughts or whatever it was that her family was dead..
RealJohanna RealJohanna Oct 12
I would just lauch flip her off and yell lol kys like not even laugh just say "lol"
I love how they don't even care about they're new daughter because they're so in love
For people wondering a pain au chocolat is. It's a French pastry with chocolate filling that is commonly ate for breakfast.
Oh jeez for a second I thought it was ldshadowlady then I read the next sentence
I guess Im the only lucky one who doesnt suffer from panic attacks in this phandom