When I Met Her:Haikyuu X Tsukishima Kei

When I Met Her:Haikyuu X Tsukishima Kei

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Kei was just a normal 15 year old at Karasuno. He was quiet, tall for his age and blonde. Where boys in his year obsessed over girls, Kei lived in music, and was distant in reality. 

He spoke little, and observed, that was until Miuna Shiraishi transfered to Karasuno.

Miuna Shiraishi was like no other girl he had ever met. She had long, layered black hair and the biggest blue eyes he had ever seen. Despite her beauty she seemed unaware of it, and quite innocent. Her heart was gold, and her intensions pure. Despite that, she was always in her own little world, soon to be theirs.

Sequel out now
Book 1) When I Met Her:Haikyuu X Tsukishima Kei 
Book 2) Blue Eyes:Haikyuu X Tsukishima Kei

Anyone else notice that Tsukki compared Miuna to Hinata and not Miuna to another girl ^-^ My crazy imagination has no limits
Miuna from Nagi no Asukara!!!!!
                              WHY DID THEY HAVE TO END THE ANIME!!!!T^T Though I still ship Manaka x Hikari
CharTime CharTime Jul 20
So she's a dense main character, (rubs hands together) interesting...