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Akuma Tenshi By SkeletonReaper663 Completed

Hello, my name is Suzu. Just Suzu. I am one of the experiments of orochimaru's wife. And yes, wife. Shocking right? But he really has a wife, and she's as evil as him who treats me like her 'prized possession' though I didn't get a curse mark for an unknown reason.

I don't know who my mother or father is, nor who I am really, funny right? I'm a girl who doesn't know how to speak, read, write or anything other than eating, taking a bath, brushing my teeth and hair, train and fight. That's all. I don't even know how to change into clothes !

Let me tell you a little secret, but don't tell anyone! I heard his wife speak something about me that involves a 'trigger' that will make me a deadly weapon that may cause the end of the world, though I don't get it.

Anywho, I'm here all alone in this tank, being experimented here and there, until I hear a ruckus happening outside orochimaru's  base. Well let's see what's happening.

Hmm...Living in here isn't the best nor the baddest, for Konoha is something, and I have a team that consists of a fangirl adoptive big sister Sakura, a hyperactive ramen addict Naruto, and the selfish arrogant weird thing Sasuke. Our sensei is Kakashi, who I find very mysterious, though I am mysterious myself. Anywho life sure is fun! Especially if you have a bug loving friend with you!
I don't own naruto or any thing concerned in it except for my OC and some plots that doesn't follow the main one. MASASHI KISHIMOTO owns naruto.

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hotshotparr hotshotparr Dec 04, 2017
I feel really stupid I was reading to fast and thought that said banana and had to do a double take to see it said bandana.
Kuroshira_17 Kuroshira_17 Nov 01, 2017
I’m dying even more inside
                              I will pity this child until Shippuden
- - Mar 15, 2017
*quotes Elfman (from Fairytail if u don't gets)* FAN! LIKE A MAN!!!!!
animeandcreepystuff animeandcreepystuff Dec 24, 2017
Well then my OC I'm making is named Tsukiko I'll change it ;-;
Suga_Yoongi_93 Suga_Yoongi_93 Dec 17, 2017
Rules are nent ti be broken im too lazy to do this im surpised that im not asleep rn
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Sep 28, 2017
No, please no I'll give up in this story if she picked that pink headed bitch...