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lucky socks | kim taehyung

lucky socks | kim taehyung

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stan seola. By -seola Updated Jun 23, 2016

"dude, why do you have my lucky socks?"

-in which a guy loses his lucky socks that helps him during tests and goes crazy trying to look for them but then sees someone else wearing them.

book three of bts series
plot credits to eatseokjin
on-going ; normal updates
date started: 02/02/16
date finished: --/--/--
lowercase intended

immapple immapple Jan 16
same boi. i forgot to bring my lucky pen on bio exam. and i got 29/50 :")
Oops.. He's your hyung, lil your words 😂😂
phamalamm phamalamm Jan 25
Damn, these socks better be made with unicorn thread and four leaved clovers