Nightmare • G.D

Nightmare • G.D

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MoodyDolans By frejse100 Completed

Grayson's life was ruff and brutal, running from his serial killer parents isn't easy.
The only people he has in his life is his siblings Cameron and Ethan.
His parents biggest goal is to kill the people they hate the most... Their children. 

Amelia is a hole other story. But her life is also a living nightmare, with a abusive and alcoholic mother and getting bullied at school.. Life isn't perfect.

'He's either gonna be the best thing or the worst for her'

McDolanx McDolanx Oct 18, 2016
Gray:  tell me something about yourself 
                              Amelia: there isn't really a lot to say... I'm not that interested 
                              Gray: Do you have like a passion?
                              Amelia: I like dolan twins
                              Gray: *girly voice* OMG ME TOO!
bigbaby03 bigbaby03 Jan 26
Middle fingers up throw them hands now wave em in his face tell em boy bye boy bye
dolantwins444 dolantwins444 Aug 23, 2016
When I read the description I was like "I finally found a story with my name in it!!!"😂😂😂😂
McDolanx McDolanx Oct 18, 2016
Maybe ...
                              Donald trump
bruhitsleigh bruhitsleigh Jul 19, 2016
That intro was my life just like "if you ain't up for this, bye👋🏾"
Karman_xo Karman_xo Jan 22
guys my name is Karman I swear there ain't gon be a book with my name