And My Problems | Joe Sugg

And My Problems | Joe Sugg

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Joe Sugg and Thalia Walters, his best friend for 8 years. 

You know how in every movie, every book, the best friends fall for each other, this isn't a sappy love story like the rest. 

Thalia has always had problems. Abusive boyfriends, anxiety and depression mainly. Guess who's alway there to pick up the pieces and put her back together? Joe. 

Can he always be there? Or does he have his life to worry about as well? When she needs him, will he always be there? Thalia and her problems.

Inspired by true story, lol, I wish.

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CreditCardss CreditCardss Apr 11, 2017
am 14 and my 18 year old sister is sooooooo short like am taller then her by like 5 inches
klacklez klacklez Jul 08, 2017
The funny thing about FanFics is about how pretty they make me look XD
MichellexTiffany MichellexTiffany Sep 04, 2016
I'm pretty sure Joe is 5'8" or something, same height as my best friend and that's tall for a girl. I'm only 5'2"
-rosepetal -rosepetal Nov 09, 2016
I met joe yesterday and I was prepared for him to be short but he's a bloody head taller than me like wtf
-stilinski_24- -stilinski_24- Feb 27, 2017
Quick metabolism. I have it too, my friends make fun of me for being so slim 😬😂
NolansBoutRabin NolansBoutRabin Sep 24, 2016
She's twelve why does she have a boyfriend? And why is her boyfriend so tall 😂😂