Air {Elements of Power 3}

Air {Elements of Power 3}

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Heather James By makexbelieve Completed


I needed air. 

I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in. 

Jasmine's world is crumbling around her. Still reeling from the discovery of her parents' identities, she is forced to face the repercussions of her actions in the Helian Realm, while her beloved home is besieged by Helian attackers. And she still can't control her powers. 

Roxy is confronted by the realisation that she has travelled across the Realms for a boy who thinks she betrayed him. A boy dating the girl who sold her out. And even while freezing in the Arcan Realm it seems she can't escape Cinaer's grasp. 

Time is running out for the girls to save the world - and the boy - they love. But to have any chance of defeating Cinaer, they are going to have to work together. Cinaer is on a warpath and he's not giving up until he has secured the Helian throne - even if he has to reduce the Arcan Realm to dust in the process.

Air is the third novel in the Elements of Power trilogy. Please check out Fire and Water first, otherwise it might not make much sense!

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CynFull0 CynFull0 May 04, 2017
Dude she just needs to tell the truth I like jasmine but I like roxy  as well but I think roxy needs brae more than jasmine
H2OSonlirious H2OSonlirious Aug 03, 2017
I have a feeling Tristan is who they should be looking out for
AJRyter AJRyter Mar 10, 2017
Well I know all the Roxy supporters are thrilled. Now she can ruin Jasmine's life.
WingedKittyKat WingedKittyKat Apr 10, 2017
Roll credits.
                              Sorry. Have been watching too much cinema sins😅
southerngirl202 southerngirl202 Jan 16, 2018
Look who's talking about shame the girl who had no problem leaving her sister to die
125yumi 125yumi Feb 14, 2016
@Makexbelieve  I'm shipping for Jasmin and brae she just want brae to be safe she's selfish but for a reason aww I'm so into jasmim and brae heheh love all the three story from fire to air but what I love the most is the moment of Jasmin and brae together wahhhhh kwaiiii