Billionaire's Love

Billionaire's Love

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"You are mine baby girl. Your body, soul, heart and every inch of you is mine. Only mine" He said placing his arms around my waist.

" You attended poetic class didn't you? Because that really sounded cheesy." I said laughing at him.

"Cheesy or not you are still mine and will always be mine. Never forget that." 
And with that he placed his lips on mine.

Avery Maurin was the only daughter of a rich family. She wished to work in a company for 6 months before joining the family business so that she could experience the life of an actual worker rather than a boss. But knowing her dad and two possessive brothers she decided to lie to them about it and moved into New York saying it was holiday trip.
Lucas Knight is one of the hottest and richest billionaire in the  world. He is ruthless when it comes to business. Mess with him and you are literally dead.

What will happen when he meets the bundle of happiness aka Avery? Well Lucas always gets what he wants no matter what!

kiki-17-25 kiki-17-25 Jan 16
Please go read my new book I'm a new writer on wattpad and would love the publicity it's called "our hollow desires" and I love your book it inspired me to write my own
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 19, 2016
WHAT TF you don't even know her😒 TF is wrong with you🤒
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 19, 2016
USAIN BOLT HOLD YOUR HORSES🐎🐎🐎✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾 to fast huh??
same i made my dad pancakes with fruit on top and orange juice this morning with a note on how cool he is and how i am lucky to have him
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 19, 2016
Okayyyyyyy her brothers need A TRIPLE PILL💊💊💊🚨🚨
Adellelanz Adellelanz Sep 05, 2016
Damn..if these kinda stories would happen in real life 😅😝 btw awesome story love it alreadyyyy