Thoughts From My Insanity

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LIZH By PenvsSword Updated a year ago
I attempt to reveal to you the thought processes (or the lack thereof) within my cranium. I may not be known as a completely insane person, but I do tend to think in a strange, funny, and altogether weird way. To say the least this collection is not normal, in fact it is somewhat unoriginal, stupid, pointless, and most likely something you have little interest in, so please feel free to open this pamphlet and have a good laugh (if one is to be found) at my expense.
    For those of you that have an aversion to reading sheer idiocy, this sad excuse for a book will also contain rants and a few spiritual lessons that have been heard learned and hopefully put in a humorous way.
lol.. I wish I can dye my hair neon green.. but it will probably ALL fall off and that's when the REAL insanity begins for me. I really like this..!!
You really just realized you have no hope of making sense? You do realize who your family is, right?! ;-)