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Thoughts From My Insanity

Thoughts From My Insanity

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LIZH By PenvsSword Updated Mar 06

I attempt to reveal to you the thought processes (or the lack thereof) within my cranium. I may not be known as a completely insane person, but I do tend to think in a strange, funny, and altogether weird way. To say the least this collection is not normal, in fact it is somewhat unoriginal, stupid, pointless, and most likely something you have little interest in, so please feel free to open this pamphlet and have a good laugh (if one is to be found) at my expense.

For those of you that have an aversion to reading sheer idiocy, this sad excuse for a book will also contain rants and a few spiritual lessons that have been heard learned and hopefully put in a humorous way.

PenvsSword PenvsSword Feb 23, 2012
@ShoopDaWoop - Thanks I intend to. Though to be honest none of my posts are ever the same.
                              @OnlyFoolsAndUnicorns - LOL yea! I dare you to conduct a poll of your wattpad friends to see who doesn't like cookies.
PenvsSword PenvsSword Oct 07, 2011
Yes unfortunately i do know who my family is and have come to the conclusion that we are DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LenoraHefleyRice LenoraHefleyRice Oct 07, 2011
You really just realized you have no hope of making sense? You do realize who your family is, right?! ;-)
PenvsSword PenvsSword Sep 27, 2011
@SilverNight3 - that you like this is disturbing but you are more than welcome to read what gets put in here.
PenvsSword PenvsSword Sep 27, 2011
@SilverNight3 yeah yeah why don't you use that mouth to promote my pamphlet
PenvsSword PenvsSword Sep 27, 2011
@SilverNight3 - one will you fan me so we can chat on meebo. two will you hush a minute so I can add some more quasi original thoughts that are not actually mine.