Because of You {Harry Styles}

Because of You {Harry Styles}

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"Do you know what's the worst feeling you will get after the person you love hurt you? It's not the scar, the bruises or the physical pain. It's the realization that the one hurting you is the person that you will risk your life for. The person you fully gave yourself to because of how much you trust him/ her. But that person can also be the reason for us to become the person we despised the most... A monster... A creature with no beating heart and soul... Just a living thing made of nothing but cold, hard stone. All because of him, I became the devil. The devil who will now make his life a living hell...''

- Allison Wilhelm Fields

{Special thanks to the awesome @elxtrasoul for the lovely cover :) }

FelicityEdwards FelicityEdwards Jul 07, 2016
That's kind of what Taylor swift said about the real Harry lol 😂
mingmayrodriguez mingmayrodriguez Feb 22, 2014
I think that the book might be interesting !! I said maybe !!;)
mingmayrodriguez mingmayrodriguez Feb 22, 2014
Omg now that's kinda of mean why the heck doesnt she leave him !!
                              I know it's only a story but she's so stupid not to leave him!!
Haleema46 Haleema46 Dec 24, 2013
omg! that is so sad! but I'm hooked and I cant wait to read the rest
MrsStylesz MrsStylesz Nov 12, 2013
I'm crying and it's only the prologue. If this is how the whole book is going to be I'm going to need my tissues 
aghressively aghressively Nov 01, 2013
This is the only story that explains the beating ups well... LOVE IT!!!!