Because of You {Harry Styles}

Because of You {Harry Styles}

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"Do you know what's the worst feeling you will get after the person you love hurt you? It's not the scar, the bruises or the physical pain. It's the realization that the one hurting you is the person that you will risk your life for. The person you fully gave yourself to because of how much you trust him/ her. But that person can also be the reason for us to become the person we despised the most... A monster... A creature with no beating heart and soul... Just a living thing made of nothing but cold, hard stone. All because of him, I became the devil. The devil who will now make his life a living hell...''

- Allison Wilhelm Fields

{Special thanks to the awesome @elxtrasoul for the lovely cover :) }

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Dolceshes Dolceshes Mar 16, 2015
and i do not mean my comment to offend you im sorry if it did i did not intend it that way
Dolceshes Dolceshes Mar 16, 2015
ive been waiting for a update since last year jusy to find out that u just dont write anymore wow i should really stop skimming throughout books amd stuff
indulgeharrysbulge indulgeharrysbulge Aug 08, 2014
I heard this story's fab, so here I am, checking it out :) sounds good!
roxyrodz1D roxyrodz1D Apr 10, 2014
Please please please please update this story it's sooooooooooo goooood!!!!!
Nicolecode Nicolecode Mar 27, 2014
So true so true!!!!! RESPECT FROM HIM, AND I RESPECT HIM BACK!(or i already respects him ALOT!
omniwallflower omniwallflower Mar 10, 2014
I'm Sorry For What I Said So Please Stop Being Angry.I Didn't Mean To Offend Any With What I Said.To Tell The Truth He's Actually Cool. Once Again I Apologize For My Behaviour So I'm Sorry. Before You Ask This Is Very Sincere. Good Bye.