Wings | Destiel AU

Wings | Destiel AU

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The wings that you have is the opposite color of your soulmates wings. 

For example; 
Black and white go together. 

When you meet your soulmate you just know it and it's the best feeling in the world. 

John felt that way with Mary. They both died unfortunately and they were buried. 

So, Dean and Sam are on there own. 

When you turn 16 you first get your wings. 

Dean is turning 16 and so is Castiel. 

Dean doesn't know Castiel exists and Castiel doesn't know Dean exists. 

That is until Castiel gets transferred to Dean's school.

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i-am-relevant-trash- i-am-relevant-trash- Dec 03, 2017
I’m from Kansas and I’m cringing SO hard. ‘Kansas High School’ 
                              Try googling schools. 
                              Maybe ‘Lee’s Summit West’ or ‘Shawnee Mission South’ ‘Blue Valley’ ETC.
Silberklang Silberklang Aug 17, 2017
You are a freaking HUNTER punch them once and they won't bully you lik ever again
calciumeggs calciumeggs Sep 09, 2017
Square roots are basically just a number squared to get another number. Pretty simple. (I am an actual nerd)
LifeofFox LifeofFox Oct 19, 2017
Okay so I like it so far but a better way to put this would be but the monsters got to them first.
You couldn't even drop the cover photo? I wanna see fanart, not yahoo
Book_Owner Book_Owner Oct 26, 2017
I can see that I will be able to relate to Castiel more than usual