The Heartbreaker - ♥

The Heartbreaker - ♥

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whatevertrevor By whatevertrevor Updated Sep 28, 2011

'My mother always told me, the only thing worse than breaking a girl's heart once, is breaking it twice. My father always said break a girl's heart and her father will break your nose. My little brother said if you break a girl's heart and she's stupid enough to take you back, the girl deserves it. My best friend said anything that's broken can be fixed. Well my attitude is a little different. My philosophy is break a girl's heart before she can break yours.' -Jet Benson ?

Jet Benson is the perfect guy to a highschool girl. He's captain of the soccer team, naturally intelligent and pretty damn fun. But as Jet indulges in the attention of countless girls, he finds himself breaking their hearts before he actually develops feelings for them. His philosophy states, break theirs before they break yours. Over the years Jet had managed to have his fun, without ever actually ever actually falling in love, a way of life he wants to maintain. 

But on Spring Break Jet finds himself enticed by a girl, who takes it upon herself to find him a 'lover' by the end of Spring Break. 

-whatevertrevor ♥

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abusjinns abusjinns Sep 27, 2011
@whatevertrevor I am so adding this to my library. Oh wait! I already have! Love the quote. <3