Corbrina Fanfic: Hidden Feelings

Corbrina Fanfic: Hidden Feelings

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♡Corbrina•Reyton♡ By Corbrina_Reyton Updated Mar 09


Girl Meets World was renewed for a fifth season! During the long wait guess who got together... Peyton and Rowan are now in a relationship! *Theres only a little bit of Reyton Moments* There relationship is healthy and clean with no distractions.  

Meanwhile Sabrina catches feelings for Corey during the long break both of them spent together. On the other hand, Corey is confused with his feelings toward Sabrina. What will happen when a past relationship comes back and ruins a special scene? Will Corey finally realize he has feelings for Sabrina? Who will Sabrina choose? 

Along the way tons of crazy events happen and new people enter from left to right. Tragic events happen. Silly events happen. Cliche events happen. And Romantic events happen. Will the gang still hold themselves together? Will they separate? Or will they leave each other?


*A Corbrina and Reyton Fanfic❤️* 
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Amilahxoxo Amilahxoxo Feb 16
AMAZING! Please please PLEASE finish!!!! (I ship corbrina till the end must. Read. More!!) :)
Gabby947 Gabby947 Jun 04
Who ever you are I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I hope you add chapter 22
Hi I checked out your story :) I actually ship Peybrina 😍 but nice work on your story :)