Welcome to High School! (phan) pastel!dan, punk!phil au: Book 2

Welcome to High School! (phan) pastel!dan, punk!phil au: Book 2

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danisnotonchairs By your_wonderful_ily Updated Apr 09, 2017

Second book to 'Welcome to camp!' Please read the first one before reading this one, thx
  Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil are back! Continuing their story! 
  After Dan's father gets in trouble with the law, they move to a new town. Dan is dealing with the horrors of depression and is still dealing with heavy self hate and self harm. He goes to his new high school and meets a very sweet girl named Harper ,who is his tour guide and soon to be best friend, along with her secret crush and childhood bestfriend Joyce. Little did Dan know that Phil was going to the same high school, completely by chance. Phil is under a lot of stress just realizing he is gay and a baby is on the way with Cat, along with his love for a certain pastel boy who he can never have. Things get a bit more gripping,  when Dan and Phil end up at the same school party, and Dan meets Chase. Who isn't everything he seems. Then a mysterious girl named Bella shows up, who seems to know a lot about everyone, and has a weird interest in Dan. In all of this can Dan and Phil finally admit to their feelings? 
  Hiya! So this story is going to be a million times better then the first one 'Welcome to Camp' I have so many problems with that story, I can't even. This one will contain abuse, a side story between a lesbian couple, and lots of twists and turns. I hope you can handle. The Phan part is kind of slow in the begging and slow through out the story, sorry. 
  Warnings: self harm, abuse, suicidal thoughts (maybe a suicide attempt) warnings at beginnings of chapters! 

((I don't know who did the art work for the cover, but if you are the artist and you don't want your work as the cover please inform me and I'l take it down!))

  R- rated for: curse language, sexual situations, adult themes and ideas. PROBABLY SMUT EVENTUALLY. 

   Read with caution

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the_boba_queen the_boba_queen Aug 13, 2016
Ya know I really think it is amazing how you make sure no one is reading this story unaware, and you really show how much of a nice person you are ^-^ I haven't ever talked to you but with these chapters(warnings), I can just tell. Sorry if that didn't make any sense
Ahowelllester Ahowelllester Jan 08, 2016
I'm honestly so scared to read this (but like the good kind of scared)