The Marauders Headcanons

The Marauders Headcanons

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I Solemnly Swear By -SilverBreath- Updated Jan 28, 2016

Ever wish that J.K. Rowling had written more about our favorite older generation in the Harry Potter series? Well, join the club. 

Filled with headcanons, scenes and conversations that would have totally happened, and more, The Mauraders will quench all of your Moony, Wormatil, Padfoot, and Prongs thirsts. 

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this book cannot bring any Mauraders back to life, make them any less miserable and self-loathing, or any less traitorous scum.

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*large inhale*
I have read this before but it still tears my heart apart im so sad
Wait I have read this book before lmao thats why its familiar
Because you're a bean. Rats are beans, tiny lil beans.. I HAVE A RAT OBSESSION, OKAY? I liked Peter before he betrayed them.
grace_chtlne2005 grace_chtlne2005 Aug 03, 2016
AWWWWWWWWWW REMY!!!! There's just a rain cloud on my head now
LookOutForNargles LookOutForNargles Jun 17, 2016
So you want to know,
                              Why you are a rat?
                              Because you look like one,
                              And you act like one too.
                              (To the tune of
                              Happy birthday to you,
                              You live in a zoo.
                              You look like a monkey,
                              And you smell like one too.)