Assassin's Creed | Reader

Assassin's Creed | Reader

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Writing_Geeks By Writing_Geeks Updated Nov 09, 2017

A collection of stories concerning the reader and the characters from the Assassin's Creed ( Connor, Arno, Ezio ect. )  Requests are HIGHLY encouraged! Some chapters will contain Adult content like Lemons or Smut chapters. Others will include fluffy ones, some with the mention of doing sex, or being point blunt all together. Or if I'm feeling cruel, really sad chapters.

 Warnings will be included for really sensations topics. 

But warnings for the Lemons probs won't pop up cause helloooo it's a lemon

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JessThatHasNoLife JessThatHasNoLife Nov 09, 2017
So I remembered Vitas... Я пришел дать эту песню а а ааа а а ааа а а аа ааААааААа ББЛЛЛЛБЛБЛБААААПАПААА
AssassinsCreedLover1 AssassinsCreedLover1 Nov 12, 2017
Yes I don’t want you to be naked and running into Boston town distracting every women that comes across your naked body… plus disturbing the kids we don’t want that do we~?
Ameliakoujo Ameliakoujo Apr 14, 2017
😂😂 poor Connor. Although I would like to see him without them 😉
CatDragon16 CatDragon16 Apr 23, 2017
allycat117 allycat117 May 05, 2017
Well Done that was really good by the way and you should do more or at least make another when the next game comes out
ExtrovertedGal32 ExtrovertedGal32 Aug 22, 2017
When people on the bus saw me like a post on a shirtless Connor and Edward Kenway