Sleepless Beauty (Sans x reader)

Sleepless Beauty (Sans x reader)

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Sala samabojcow By PhoenixKatana Updated Apr 07

"No time for goodbyes, he he faded away,
Don't put your life in someone's hands there bound to steal it away, 
Don't hid your mistakes cause they'll find you,
Burn you then he said 'if you wanna get out alive, whoa oh run for your life", (Y/n) sang silently to herself. She stared at her ceiling listening to the quiet ticking of the clock.

Tick tock
Tick tock 

Time seemed to slow down when it was dark out. She rolled over facing the wall. The faint yelling of her mother and father being heard from the other room. They were talking about her again. They complained about their daughter tearing their family apart. (Y/n) had lost all expression, she never smiled anymore although on the bright side she never frowned. Maybe life was better this way? Who knows. 

(Y/n) would sneak out each night and walk around town to avoid overhearing the hurtful words. Each night she would roam further and further into town. Getting closer to the forest and nearing her fate.

The art in the cover is by @jenetiik from Tumblr


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