Living in a community already run by conforming zealots Ariel and Leira must hide what they truly are from the rest of their world. But when a new mass hysteria and fear brakes through their all ready intense world a cry for persecution and extermination is heard. 
     Ariel and Leira must find a way to escape with their friends before they are caught up in the fever sweeping their planet.
A few grammar mistakes (not that I can judge, I'm the worst :/) like permafrost mentioned but apart from that everything is great! <3 *voted*
The last word... 'and so is her's' is supposed to be 'and so is hers'. (:
                                    You describe really well, and it is able to paint vivid pictures in my mind. (: Gave me the creeps... And that's great because... that's what this story is about right? :D
oh my gosh you have really good details! i love the cast by the way!
Wonderful use of vocabulary, well written with an original plot. I'm hooked :)) I really hope you do well in the Watty Awards <3 You deserve the best :D
Just a few grammar mistakes, and the first two paragraphs don't quite flow; but otherwise this looks to be an exceptional read! I'm already hooked,so I voted for you in the Watty Awards. Thank you for sharing this story; I can tell it's going to be a good one. :)
This looks like a really interesting story. I will have to read more soon. The flow is excellent as is the tone.