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✍ jɛʟʟʏ'ֆ•ɮօօk•օʄ•ǟʀt ✍

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//*+:。.。You've come to wrong place if you think I draw really amazing and I 'pretend' to hate my work by calling it crap. Lmaoo 。.。:+* //


Hello! Sonic OC artist here! (・v・)ゝ

This is a place where I show you my random simple drawings on this book you're looking at here! ¯\_(ツ¯\) 

Consisting 95% Sonic related stuff or should I say OCs ( Own characters/Original Characters) and 5% of 💩 posts aka my personal life. 

I tend to be sloppy on my art work but I'm just practicing...forever. XD 

So yeah I think that's about it for this description. c: I think hahah.

Votes and comments are always appreciated. ✌(-^▽^-) ✌

Massive thanks to the wonderful users who are supporting me already.  <3 


•Art Cover By yours truly. 
• No take my dumb art plz.
• I don't take requests unless I'm up for it.

And I guess that's pretty much it. o:>

Book started: May,4th,2016
Book finished: ???

RainCanDraw RainCanDraw May 04, 2016
Awww I'm Laughing when you were flapping your arms and running off lol
Nixatia_Vix_The_Cat Nixatia_Vix_The_Cat May 09, 2016
|| Your art is plain adorable. I'm sorry. Had to say it. It really it cute.
demonbae demonbae Sep 26, 2016
How many girls make me feel like that?Maybe I will never find out...
                              Just kidding happy weeding😂👅💗👫