Spoiled ||  Muke

Spoiled || Muke

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~•*+malum queen+*•~ By Band_Tee_And_Pizza Updated May 31, 2016

Luke is spoiled, used to getting what he wants. After all, he is the prince of England though Australian - adopted. 

Michael is a poor boy from Australia who cant even remember his real parents - orphan. 

As a marriage event to find someone for Luke,  Luke's adoptive parents will take in someone from every continent and whoever appeals to Luke will marry Luke. 

Somehow Michael winds up in all of this.

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malevolent-bonbon malevolent-bonbon Sep 08, 2017
i want to hit all of the rapist in the world. they dont deserve clean water
surhenree2 surhenree2 Jan 03, 2017
I tried coming out but my mom disregards/ignores it so I just date who I want
getlohst getlohst Jul 15, 2016
i totally don't have a shovel in my hand and a tracking device in the other - i mean what
castawaymikeyy castawaymikeyy Aug 09, 2016
@mars-malum that's how I see it....like physically you're not a virgin anymore but mentally you are.
spoopylulu spoopylulu Jul 27, 2016
lowkey gonna move out before I come out to them bc all my family are homophobic yikes
_malum_5sauce_ _malum_5sauce_ Sep 10, 2016
I told my mom i was bi like 4 days ago. I figured she would go all homophobic on me when i told her but she was so relaxed and said she thought i was full on lesbian for a long time but she accepted it 0.o