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Hareem Nadeem By girlstar142 Updated Aug 27, 2016

A girl from our world who is an orphan is reborn into the Naruto world and ends up in the same orphanage as Naruto. During the process of her reincarnation she was given the opportunity to make five wishes and these were the wishes she made:

▪️She chose to be able to memorize each and every book she reads by heart
▪️She chose to be a master of these elements(air,earth,water,fire,light,and dark/shadow)
▪️she chose to be able to talk to animals and beasts(tailed beasts,normal animals,ninja animals, summoning animals,etc.)
▪️unlimited chakra reserves
▪️Able to summon objects from our earth to herself at anytime and any amount.

She uses these powers to train and master jutsus from the basics to join level jutsus including elemental a jutsus and other extra jutsu. Using her power from the wishes to strengthen herself in other areas and create her own jutsus. She also taught Naruto and trained him a little before he moved back to konoha since the orphanage was out of the village but not far from it. They will meet again after she decides to move to konoha and she joins there team.

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Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Sep 16, 2017
So, can someone explain the new definition of an "angel" now?
Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Sep 16, 2017
This is suppose to be an angel? Are you sure this is the right person?
Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Sep 24, 2017
Girl, you need to check her last paragraph because it resembled NOTHING of an angel.
Hanah_Kiala Hanah_Kiala Sep 16, 2017
Calling someone a "bish" really isn't what I'd expect from an angel.
kuro_akuma18 kuro_akuma18 Mar 29, 2016
Please update just saying this in advance so please update alot author-sama
AnilaBay AnilaBay Sep 15, 2016
I won't bother reading the rest. This chapter is enough for me to know that the author doesn't know proper English, has a Mary-Sue OC who is overpowered and just randomly makes comment breaking a wall that shouldn't break. . . How this book got so many reads and so many likes baffles me.