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The Hollow By TorissaNikole Updated Apr 10

Hello, friends! Thanks for checking out my graphics book! This is a place where I will:

1) Accept custom graphic requests (custom covers, banners, movie posters)

2) Put up premades for claiming

If you're interested in any of these features, feel free to head to the ABOUT section in the next chapter. If you're just here to browse around, thanks for taking the time to look at my work! I'd love to hear what you think! :)

~ Torissa Nikole ~

PS: I have two letters separated by a colon at the beginning of every chapter title. That is my categorization code, and this is what it means.

LEFT OF COLON (Category)

R - Request
C - Commission
M - Personal
P - Premade
G - Gift
E - Contest Entry
S - Simple
F - Complex


C - Front Cover
R - Back Cover
B - Banner
M - Movie Poster
P - Profile Background
I - Icon/Profile Picture
E - Edit
T - Tutorial
O - Other


I only speak English, but if you are willing to suffer Google Translate, I'm willing to accept requests ...

  • art
  • book
  • bookcovers
  • cover
  • coverart
  • coverdesign
  • covermaker
  • covers
  • custom
  • dark
  • design
  • fantasy
  • graphics
  • graphicsdefence
  • manip
  • photoshop
  • premades
  • random
  • scifi
Hi! We're holding a graphic competition that we think you'd be great for. If you're interested, check out our book and let us know! :)
Azediala Azediala Sep 07
Ahaha Thank you :) But If I want a cover from you, I speak English. Maybe it will be hard to me but no problem. 😊😊😊
Wow kahit may maling filipino words ok na yan!
                              At least ginalingan!Awra!!
Mahira25 Mahira25 Sep 22, 2016
From where do you've got those symbols, I would need it for my book :))
sandstorm27 sandstorm27 Jul 24, 2016
Cool cover! That's the photo from the Photoshop CC homescreen, right?
LavendarEyes LavendarEyes Aug 14, 2016
I just wanna say that I literally looked through every single one of these covers with my mouth wide open. They were super inspiring and honestly they're very gorgeous!! Well done, I love them ^-^ !