Suicide Club  |SDMN|

Suicide Club |SDMN|

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Happy Holidays! By agirlwhofans Updated Sep 14

"What day did you kill yourself?"
"Of course you did! Fridays are for loser. Saturday's  are where it's at."
"Why does it matter?"
"It just does. Don't question it."


in which 7 teens commit suicide and come together in ghost support group.

Warning: much depression

xMhairix xMhairix Nov 13
So this is basically... heavens support group? That was a great book TBH
That is my song! I could listen to it all day for the rest of my existence
When you said mentions of other sexualities I went way off and said vikklan (I don't know why I thought that would be in a sidemen story) but minister okay I love minister they are the otp right after vikklan
KayAbdallah KayAbdallah Sep 22
It's got ghosts I'm already loving this *clears space of any salt or iron objects* (spn fans or anyone interested in the supernatural will obviously get where I've gone here 😉)
I'm excited to read this book but I'm afraid I won't have enough tissues