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It's okay sans x frisk

It's okay sans x frisk

18.3K Reads 635 Votes 10 Part Story
solarflamer By solarflamer Updated Dec 21, 2016

Frisk got the monsters up above, yet she can't help the bad gilt that comes with her new dreams she falls into depression. And starts to cut. Then when someone finds out will she be helped or hurt more?


Okay, no hate, I loved the first chapter, but... She yelled no and then just passed out like that? Fastest pass out I've ever seen 0.0
LemonChan243 LemonChan243 Jun 05, 2016
The first chapter is very interesting. I'm excited to keep reading! :D
Derpy13 Derpy13 Jul 01, 2016
This book is really good and I don't even mind the grammar I think it's great
lilinfinit lilinfinit Feb 14, 2016
So...............genocide bullying sans fight moment?*starts playing magolovenia*