Out Of The Woods

Out Of The Woods

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Where do I go from here? She said that I was the keeper of her soul- I was her soulmate. She looked into my eyes and found herself when she felt lost. She's gone now, and I never felt so lost and hopeless more than I am now. I'm the keeper of her soul, but did she keep mine? Will I ever have the chance to look into her eyes and find myself? 


Where do I go from here? The darkness seem endless though I can see the light again. He took away every color when he left me in the dark. He did make me to what I imagined I would be- someone that's meant to fade to black. Just like all the colors he took, my soul's nowhere to be found. Will I ever have the chance to look through these eyes and find myself?

---  xxakanexx & theweirdmermaid  ---

kala ko pure english tas biglang my linyang ganto 😂 haha nkahanda pa naman na ung panyo ko 😂 gah😂😂 😘
Wow! You brought Sam back to life! Natutuwa ako. Napadpad lang ako dito from ms. Akane's profile and I don't know... (is this a fan fiction?) but seriously ang galing! Napakalinis po ng pagkakagawa! Thank you for this!
EnnDioso EnnDioso Jan 12
Hmmmm..kwento ata to ni samuelle sampalok..ung namatay n gf ni judas
OliveAC OliveAC Jan 12
Fontana do trevi is here in rome.. :) Npka ganda po ya sa personal.. lagi ako dmadaan don after work.. lagi ako nag wiwish..
Wait... Uhm, is this before Sam was shot or did she just decide to run away without saying goodbye after Judas?
Ang galing po ms.ian! Ngayon pa lang congrats na sa inyo ni ms.akane! Gudluck po at God Bless sa inyong dalawa.