Why Can't People Just Think? ~ Sherlock x Reader. (FEMALE PRONOUNS)

Why Can't People Just Think? ~ Sherlock x Reader. (FEMALE PRONOUNS)

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(Male and Gender Neutral pronoun versions in works)
"So..." I started, placing my hands in a praying position, "Do you smoke?"

"Really? That's what you ask me? Look at my fingers, Sherlock, does it look like I smoke?"

I paused, flicking my eyes down, "My apologies."

"You do, but you're trying to quit. Please, I would rather not subject my lungs to that, so, if you wouldn't mind... Stick to the nicotine patches."

I blinked a few times, "Why didn't you deduce me earlier?"


She had her eyes closed, her lips turned down at the corners, and her fingers were effortlessly tapping the table. Morse code? Why? My brows furrowed, but I chose not to comment. John's eyes carried a look of worry that I tried not to dwell on, not completely sure what he was thinking of.

"Sher--" he tried to start, but I gave him a nudge with my leg.

I watched her fingers intently. She was tapping numbers. Opening my mouth to whisper to John, her eyes fluttered, and her hand slid down to her knee. "So, Sherlock," she began, "I would like to speak with your brother... Could you possibly arrange that? I mean, I could myself, but I'd rather not drop in unannounced, especially considering our... Unique history." 

I blinked, "What?"

Your Point of View-

I smiled at that while hailing down a taxi, 'On my way now.' I sat down and gave the address.

'Can't wait to see you again, little sister.'

'I told you not to call me that. If anything, call me by my name or N/n. Oh! I forgot to tell you something.'

'Fine, fine, N/n. What?'

'You'll never guess who I'm sharing a flat with.'

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