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TehPeaceMaker By TehPeaceMaker Updated a day ago

"You know, Alana..I can help you." My boss said tucking a strand of curly hair behind my ear. "R-really?" I asked kind of desperate. I really needed a way to get extra money. "I like you so there's no problem helping you out. Besides, you work very hard for me.." He said letting go of the strand by popping it back in place, watching the curl bounce. 

Justin was very close to me and I felt very uneasy. I didn't feel comfortable. 

"Thank you.." I gave a light smile. "What can I do?"

I watched as Mr.Bieber smirked and chuckled. "I'm not sure you're up for it.."

"No, I'm very capable of doing whatever I can. Please don't underestimate me, Mr.Bieber."

He smiled. "I'm pretty sure a woman such as yourself," he said looking at me head to toe, undressing me with his eyes. "Will be just fit." 

"Sir?" I asked confused. He leaned into my ear and I swallowed the uneasiness in my throat.

"I find you very attractive Ms. Hart..."

"Tomo un profundo suspiro mientras entro en el gran edificio de vidrios. Estoy muy nerviosa porque hoy es mi entrevista por el puesto de asistente ejecutiva" ¿está bien?
biebermeout biebermeout Jan 14
Is t bad that I have the temptation to jump through my phone and strangle her mother? Like Homer did to Bart in the Simpsons.
My siblings: fuc.k you Ima eat this myself. Well you can have this *gives me one smartie*
Yessss especially cause of your current situation. Stay on top of ya grind. Ain't mad at cha
Marizooo Marizooo Feb 15
Me: ooooh can I have some
                              My bro: Your greedy ass always wanna eat errythang
                              me: ok nigga damn just say no
ok then hoe I'll remember that, next time use Plan B🤷🏽‍♀️