My Spider

My Spider

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Lee By SomeonesFallenAngel Updated Feb 23

(This story is sorta but kinda not on hold, due to life and shit. Love y'all.)

This story is about Spiderman and his stalker, Deadpool. 

Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) is trying to live his "normal" life of fighting crime, and hiding it from his dad's. That's where Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) comes in. 

Deadpool is a mercenary with a snarky attitude, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him, and has never been in a serious relationship. That's where Spiderman comes in. 

My description sucks, I know...

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ItzLeoPosts ItzLeoPosts Jul 13, 2017
Aaaanndd roll credits (I'm just kidding that's what cinama sins do lol)
MikoNama MikoNama Nov 16, 2017
No, your description doesn't suck! I actually LOVE it!! XDDD
GeroZxZ GeroZxZ Oct 23, 2017
TBH I don't actually know much about superheroes, Spider-Man, and Dead-pool (I know him a bit) that much. But, I thought this would be an interesting couple and fun/enjoyable to read.
                              AND GAY. 🙂
MarciCampbell18yaoi MarciCampbell18yaoi Jan 16, 2017
Hello~...hooking up?...Lol, I see-I see😎😎😎😎😏😏😏
PinkRabbitQueen PinkRabbitQueen Dec 24, 2016
I didn't start shipping it until now... what's the ship name? Iron Captain or America Man? I need to know!
MarciCampbell18yaoi MarciCampbell18yaoi Jan 16, 2017
Lol, I forgot this was a spidypool yaoi, but I love them too 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍