My Spider

My Spider

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(This story is temporarily on hold, due to life and shit. Love y'all.)

This story is about Spiderman and his stalker, Deadpool. 

Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) is trying to live his "normal" life of fighting crime, and hiding it from his dad's. That's where Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) comes in. 

Deadpool is a mercenary with a snarky attitude, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him, and has never been in a serious relationship. That's where Spiderman comes in. 

My description sucks, I know...

When people say this... I just be like... "Wooooow, I didn't know that! I really thought that marvels was yours hahahaha" -.- no...
Idk why lol but i love you're attitude "please don't copy my story, thats just rude! *snaps fingers in a Z*" 😂😂
I hate seeing hateful comments so I don't have to worry about me
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That's an really awesome start! I'm excited to more of your AU? I guess it can be consider that ^w^ Happy writing~! **Awkward jazz hands** I guess I'm awkward tonight ヽ(;▽;)ノ
One of my ships I shipped in the past STONY
                              ITS STILL HERE.
I haven't read Read the story yet but I know its going to be amazing ☺ can't wait to become a junkie for this story