I love cats (Chat Noir x reader)

I love cats (Chat Noir x reader)

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《Panda》 By parosity Updated May 08, 2017

You love cats, I love cats and we love Chat Noir... So YEA!

You were raised by Hawk Moth, making you believe he was the good guy and Ladybug and Chat Noir are the bad guys.

You are (F,n) (L,n), but your fake name is Crystal, Crystal Johnson. You pretend to be a transfer student from America by Hawk Moth's orders. 

Your miraculous is a chimera necklace. Part lion, part goat, part snake

Started: January 6, 2016

Discontinued: A long time ago

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Does she know that when she uses powder for her makeup it can cause pimples in her poor face??
I-I-I- no. I need to go to school and learn good. Not evil. ABANDONING HAWK MOTH
Everyone's saying their name is Krystal/Crystal and they have the last name Johnson but here I am furrowing my brow in how I could sound American when I'm a British person with a thick British accent. XD
And the greatest villain in the show is my guardian.... Try me bitch 😑
Me: *puts on a Ladynoir shirt* HELL YEA!!!!
                              Hawk moth: that's a little too much.