I love cats (Chat Noir x reader)

I love cats (Chat Noir x reader)

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《Panda》 By parosity Updated May 08

You love cats, I love cats and we love Chat Noir... So YEA!

You were raised by Hawk Moth, making you believe he was the good guy and Ladybug and Chat Noir are the bad guys.

You are (F,n) (L,n), but your fake name is Crystal, Crystal Johnson. You pretend to be a transfer student from America by Hawk Moth's orders. 

Your miraculous is a chimera necklace. Part lion, part goat, part snake

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I’m savaged, Gurl you where born on the road like any other mistakes oh wait your the only mistake btw the mayor ain’t your real daddy FYI keep telling yourself your beautiful, you know your the only mistake
The_gaurd04 The_gaurd04 Oct 04
I'm gonna wear pants dress shoes, overalls, a white dress shirt, and a bow-tie, because bow-ties are cool!
TBNRGrace TBNRGrace Oct 31
Fun fact we always call our 4th grade teacher ‘Teach’
                              Oh wait are we talking about the name Crystal Johnson? woops my bad
I am the sass queen, I like to roast my parents
                              And plus, Laurence is the sass king and I'm his queen (Laurence from Aphmau)
What about Adrian? Does he not ever catch her in their house?
Hawk Moth is like a dad to us h-he i-im i have mixed feelings about this DANG YOU HORMONES