Our Paths Have Crossed Again, Captain [Levi x Reader]

Our Paths Have Crossed Again, Captain [Levi x Reader]

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"After all I've done.. I didn't deserve that kind life to begin with.. but I'm happy. I got to meet you, I had fun.. I danced, I cried, I smiled and laughed.. I got to experience love and I had a family to come back to but.. I didn't." 

•Chapter 32 - "Is this.. the end?"•

In training, you were on the top of your class and got along with everyone. Ignoring your dark past you decided to put it all behind you and devote yourself to traning, after that.. enlisting the scouts. Not knowing what path lies ahead, deciding to follow your heart. 

Leading a happy and normal life, it was a change (f/n) was ready for a long time..

However, the man you knew back in the underground.. he was there as well, it was none other than Levi himself.

Will death be the only thing powerful enough to keep you apart? Or will you win against all the odds?

Well.. there's only one way to find out.

< P.S. ; DISCLAIMER: I do not own AoT/SnK nor do I own any of it's characters or 'the original' plot line! >

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TsukiHimeChan TsukiHimeChan Nov 05, 2016
Oh my god I literally love this ! Ok I think I'm gonna stay up late tonight..  
                              Great job !
Let me guess.. Me, Myself, And I?
                              Haha You Thought I Was Gonna Say Levi Now Didn't Ya HAHAHA NOPE
EmpressMeowMeow EmpressMeowMeow Oct 17, 2016
I'm sorry but I have to vent this. The first part is Second Person POV, Not third.
Well this is the complete opposite of me.. except the age and height. That's the only things right. I am NOT nice but I am a badass though
_anime_lover_here_ _anime_lover_here_ Dec 04, 2016
Me obviously. What I love myself can't I be greedy for my self?!