I'm in Love with my STEPBROTHER!!  {IN PROGRESS}

I'm in Love with my STEPBROTHER!! {IN PROGRESS}

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"Let's show Mummy how much of a Good Girl, you really are." He whispered huskily in my ear.
Then came the bit I wasn't expecting. He tucked a lose stand of hair behind my ear. Then he leant down and kissed the side of my jaw, so softly with his soft lips. This was when the butterflies were now having a party inside me. 
He smiled down at me, showing his off his sparkling, perfectly straight teeth.

Before I knew it he was gone again. Just like that.


Emily Simpson is living a normal life with her Mum and little brother Elliot. A couple of close friends, good school, nice village, overall it was good... Until the day when she has to move from a small village in Scotland to London, all to live with her Mum's new Husband.
What she doesn't know that the HOT boy at the Wedding was her new Stepbrother and he was going to live with her! 

The one which was checking her out. And the one who flirted with her and she flirted back but haven't spoken since. She was so drunk that now she can't even remember his name.Even though she has FELL for him hard.

Will she manage from going to a quiet home to a house with four boys and two ladies in it?
Will she manage to live in a house with her un dying crush in it?
In a world full of jealous ex-bitches (oops I mean ex-girlfriends), drama and love?

One thing for sure, she's going to be on one long and crazy ride. 


Mild Swearing 
Sexual Content

Also, there will probably some grammar mistakes and stuff like that.

That's happened to my mum and I
                              A man though I was her twin sister and that she looked 25 when she's in her 40's and I was like 12 but I look older for my age. (I'm 13 now)   My mum was so happy the whole day. 😂😂😂
OkayBruh_ OkayBruh_ Oct 19, 2016
Bruhhhh, I'm jealous lol pink n blue are my favorite colors too. Like, yess boo 👏👏👏😎