She's My Cousin

She's My Cousin

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Naomi Flores By Naruto-fanfic Updated May 06, 2018

Ginko Hatake is anything but an average girl. She's smarter than a Nara, stronger than an Uchiha, and has more stamina and chakra than her cousin Naruto. But for some unknown reason, her village killed her mother and put her into slavery. Three years later, when her new masters youngest son helps her escape, she runs to the Hidden Leaf to find her older cousin. Ginko 'Uzumaki' will join Naruto in becoming a ninja on team 7, battling enemy ninjas and fighting through an unknown pain, as she tries to keep her promise and keep the Copy Ninja from finding out who she REALLY is.

First time publishing...hope it goes well

I don't own Naruto, only Ginko.

**Cover made by TheAlphaOtaku @Alphrado_  Love the cover girl~!**