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Platinum ➵ Barry Allen

Platinum ➵ Barry Allen

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α яυиαωαу тιмє ℓσя∂ By DankFabio Updated Feb 07

❝You can't stop the change, Barry. We are the future.❞

❝No, but I can try.❞



They surround us.

They disguise as us.

They are us.

As we are them.

We are the most dangerous people in the world, capable of ending the entire world with just the push of a single red button. We are the most reckless people in the world, we kill and destroy because we have the power to. But we don't ever think about the consequences, do we?

Mhara Rockensteinth has spent every day since she was fifteen wondering what happened to her dad. One moment, she had a world full of gleeful and carefree moments that she could reflect on at any moment when she was gloomy, the next moment, she couldn't remember a single time she was with her father. She didn't even remember what he looked like. Just his...presence. She always felt his presence, and she had spent the last ten years knowing there was a piece of her past missing, she just didn't know what.

Barry Allen, a happy-go-lucky man who had spent the past fourteen years trying to figure out who the men in the golden and crimson suits who attacked his mother was. He didn't really ever think it could be something as extravagant as a Particle Accelerator turning him into the fastest man alive and him going back in time, did he? No. He thought it was a strange phenomenon, and no one seemed to believe him when he would tell them about his past. He was a member of the Forensics Department, but he still couldn't figure out who this person was that attacked his mom. The case was closed with the idea that Barry's father killed his mother, but Barry Allen knew otherwise.

So when two sides of the same coin, Barry Allen and Mhara Rockensteinth, meet under the most unlikely of circumstances, think might just get a whole lot more complicated.

[ © DANKFABIO 2017 ]

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