The Bidder's Regret (Kbtbb-Eisuke)

The Bidder's Regret (Kbtbb-Eisuke)

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Zoe By -DevilishAngel- Completed

-A Kissed by the Baddest Bidder fan fiction-

Sara Yamada thought her virtue was stolen by Eisuke Ichinomiya in her high school. She completely hated that guy and never ever dreamt of getting sold to him.

Eisuke couldn't forget what he had done and regretted it. At a certain point, he wanted nothing but her forgiveness. 

Will she be able to forgive Eisuke or not? What about her crush Kaoru? What will he do when Sara becomes Eisuke's fake girlfriend? 

Stay tuned! 

The feeling of regret is one of the worst feelings a person could feel. If it's presence is absent during an apology, then the apology wouldn't make any sense. It's useless to apologise without feeling regret.

Should the Bidder really be granted forgiveness?

*All rights belong to voltage inc with the characters. I only own the pot and some additional characters like Kaoru.

Why did he rape her I k ow his cold but he'd never do such a thing
otomekitty otomekitty Sep 12
Loving this already. I can just tell I'm going to be up all night reading it.
If it wasn't obvious. Hope that's not to weird!  Aw, they brought potatoes into this didnt they.
I'dve went for the eyes. It's self defense you arent gonna leave em without permanent damage.
The f?! It's different than any other story's plot so I like it!!! Gurl u r awesome!
Kaoru Kitami sounds like a mix of Kaoru Kirishima and Takamune Kitami from OTBS and MLFK😂