Liar  •Wen Jun Hui•

Liar •Wen Jun Hui•

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toomanysurnames By toomanysurnames Completed

She's loud.
 He hated it.

She's too friendly.
 He thinks she's a show off.

She's smart.
He thinks it just luck.

She's heartbroken.
He felt bad.

She's changed.
He tries to apologize. 

She's stubborn,
He is too.

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Im that loud talkative girl that greets everybody in the hall way or give compliments to random students.
dood it's part of the girl code.
                              like how guys follow the quote "bro code" we follow the bitch / girl code
ILuv_OxyJin ILuv_OxyJin Aug 05
I hate my crush! He's a douche! A douche that I like! (He's my first non Kpop crush)
me except its not all fun being a nice person because all people do is use you but that wont change me from treating everyone how i want to be treated
                              but seriously being nice sucks somestimes