Rediscovering moi

Rediscovering moi

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Margie By Aspire4more Updated Sep 26, 2011

Sara Anderson. The Very face on billboard's and poster's around the world.

Sara is a top model for the perfume and make-up company, Oiblr. The most popular and well- sold brand in the world. With Sarah as the cover-girl for all their products, the bright young woman doesn't stand a chance at normality.

When, a child labor case is brought against Sara, she is forced to return home for one year until she is 18 as the case states.  Will this high glam super-model be remembered in her quaint little town as the girl from 2 years ago, or 17-year old super model?

Can her former -'unsupportive' in Sara's terms- friends help her discover the girl she used to be? Maybe Sara is that girl still, but masks it with sarcasm, critism, out-right bitchyness at times and a layer of make-up.

Get the insight into a girl who puts make-up on, to sheild herself from the outside world. So she can hide who she really IS.

Ever-Lasting22 Ever-Lasting22 Sep 26, 2011
I agree, it was fabulous. upload soon, it sounds interesting=)