Destined| The Prisoner of Azkaban: Book 3

Destined| The Prisoner of Azkaban: Book 3

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It's the Golden Five's Third Year back in Hogwarts. Between, classes, time turners and Mass Murderer, Sirius Black, escaping from Azkaban to finish what he started. More drama and secrets will be revealed for the Diggory Siblings, and Harry will meet someone extraordinary who has no problem taking him in as his own. 

Read more to find out. 

DISCLAIMER : I do not own any of the Harry Potter Characters and plots. I am simply putting in my own characters and twists. All credit goes to J.K ROWLING.

I knew I called it where's my ten galleons? Just kidding keep the money :)
cherefrere26 cherefrere26 Jul 25, 2016
                              I KNEW IT
                              I KNEW IT ALL ALONG
                              YOU FOOLS JUST WOULDNT LISTEN 
                              I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG
BookwormGirl27 BookwormGirl27 Nov 13, 2016
I don't like Christen or Kayla at all! Hopefully they will just disappear or better.
MegaChivalry MegaChivalry Jul 24, 2016
For some reason I don't like Kayla and Christian... I mean Kayla winked at Harry... she will destroy my ship for Harry and kaina
LouiseMCollins LouiseMCollins Oct 03, 2016
Sorry to be a downer but I don't like them can they go back to America
AccioSherbertLemons AccioSherbertLemons Nov 02, 2016
I KNEW IT!  I don't know how I seen this coming. THIS WAS THE BEST way to start the third book!