Revenant Girl (Minecraft: Story Mode)

Revenant Girl (Minecraft: Story Mode)

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Nell is bae By BelleEve Updated Sep 06, 2017

All Jesse ever wanted was to be loved by her father, but he harbours a strong disdain towards her. She was considered bad luck after her mother died from an illness that she caught after giving birth to her. When he plans to assassinate her, she escapes from her castle in order to seek asylum. However, she may not be finding the sanctuary she hopes for in the wilderness of the outside world. 

After all, her existence is a crime, and such a crime be punishable by death. Can she hope to avoid such a fate, or is there no possible way to escape?

Later chapters contain (very) dark, suggestive themes/psychological horror, graphic violence and gore. Read at your own risk.

Praise for Revenant Girl:

Love the story!!! Very descriptive writing and intense plot line! Good job! ~Loliluvpie
I really liked it...Best book made in 2016. ~LiaHeartStyler
This. Is. Amazing! One of the best MCSM Fan Fictions I've ever read :3  ~LilacFox12
This story is GOLD! ~Theredthunderwolf
I LOVE THIS ~shimmer832

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Theredthunderwolf Theredthunderwolf Jan 29, 2016
It was Magnus and Ellegaard, right?
                              I dont know why everyone is so happy.ELLEGAARD DIED!
PeacefulAngels PeacefulAngels Jan 12, 2016
Wait...... Why Magnus? I knew you tried to poison her........... But now that's just cruel! Is Soren or Gabriel the god father? XD
-Akuma-- -Akuma-- Jan 12, 2016
Oki, am guessing that the king is Magnus, and Ellie was the Queen.. am I right? xP
PeacefulAngels PeacefulAngels Jan 08, 2016
Maggie and Ellie I think. Yep. Yeppitt yep yep. BEST BOOK EVAH!