Love after Marriage

Love after Marriage

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anjali37 By anjali37 Updated Oct 17, 2017

Come here" he said

With fear I went near him.

"Sign this" he said giving me file.

"What is this?" I asked him holding the file.

"It is a contract of our marraige and you have to sign this" he said with anger.

"No I won't. Our marriage is not a deal" I said to him in a low voice.

"I don't want you in my life.I will never treat you as my wife.If you have not signed them it may create a problem to your family" he said in anger.

"How can you be so cheap?" I asked him.

"Just shut up and do it" he said dragging me towards him.

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Sorry to say this but your English sucks. I think you should find an editor cause your story is good.
HPhoney HPhoney Apr 04
Hi interesting story to read at one go.
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Meghana_N_S Meghana_N_S Aug 17, 2016
Zor ka jhatk Diya. She slapped her and now calm nature?!😂😂😂
derangedvenus derangedvenus Jul 08, 2016
Hey everyone, am a 23year old India. Though not new to wattpad, but yeah I posted my first ever work 'Fire' just now....please do my giddy heart a favour by giving it a read. 😊
impetuous_soul impetuous_soul May 02, 2016
Hey there.. was a silent reader all this while. I came accross this story in the all the parts in a go. Loving it! Am really looking forward to read more.. please update soon :)