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NeverStray By NeverStray Updated Mar 20

Once there were Creatures fielded under the name 'Rare' were hunted for thousands of years.
  Hunted by humans who wants them to add onto their collection, to sell them for money or fame.
  Now years has passed, now 'Rare' is nothing but legends. And legends aren't real
  Or are they?
  In the Sawada Household, with a lovey Mother, a really idiotic Father, and two really hot brothers live peacefully.
  Until a 'baby' came in and said that the Eldest of the brother will become Vongola Decimo.
  But there was One thing the Baby wanted to know.
  "Since when there was a 'Tsunayoshi' in the Sawada Household?"

ummmm seriously reborn is expresso your own kind of illegal drugs?
tsuhiro tsuhiro Feb 18
Ahahah I know right your shirt getting dirty is more important than you losing blood nice one
AngelAnimeLoverDesu AngelAnimeLoverDesu May 17, 2016
Did you get this idea on clannad?It reminds me of it because of the word "a world that ended".
In Earth(Reality)moms be like
                              Mom: wtf, is this a joke? Cuz its not funny at all. (Лㅡ__ㅡ)Л
                              Nana:........Alright then! *sunshines and sparkles at the background*
                               ( ^ㅂ^) (ㅍㅂㅍ;)-riiigght..
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Nov 05, 2016
England: BLOODY HELL!!! 1000MILLION?!!!=-=||| It's Billion, gits.
tsuhiro tsuhiro Feb 18
Yeah You cant sell him or her um i dont know why but i think its our favorite
                              Tsuna cant be sell at such a low price no he cant be sell because his to expensive ahhh
                              ..... i dont understand what im saying ahahah