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NeverStray By NeverStray Updated Oct 05

Once there were Creatures fielded under the name 'Rare' were hunted for thousands of years.

Hunted by humans who wants them to add onto their collection, to sell them for money or fame.

Now years has passed, now 'Rare' is nothing but legends. And legends aren't real

Or are they?

In the Sawada Household, with a lovey Mother, a really idiotic Father, and two really hot brothers live peacefully.

Until a 'baby' came in and said that the Eldest of the brother will become Vongola Decimo.

But there was One thing the Baby wanted to know.
"Since when there was a 'Tsunayoshi' in the Sawada Household?"

Did you get this idea on clannad?It reminds me of it because of the word "a world that ended".
Me: Hibari Kyoya!
                              Hibari: Hn! (Translation-Kit, I told you to call me Kyoya) 
                              Me: *blushing* Kyoya-sab
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Nov 05
England: BLOODY HELL!!! 1000MILLION?!!!=-=||| It's Billion, gits.
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Nov 05
Humans are the most sinful creatures that are created by God.
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Nov 05
.......That's what I will also think when someone stabbed me.... Like.... How can I get my blood out of my favorite shirt!!! Or something along those lines~
RyuuenXKai RyuuenXKai Apr 17
XD oh my god. Daily expressly intake. This is so ridiculous.