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Twisted Love (Dramione love story)

Twisted Love (Dramione love story)

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Kristina By kris_8 Completed

After the war all of the previous 7th years are invited back to finish their year and take their N.E.W.T.s. When they all return some people have changed for good or bad. Ron and Hermione are still a couple but she feels that he is pushing her away. Ginny and Harry are still going strong. What will happen when they return for their final year?

Saying that is just as bad as Slytherins saying all muggle born people and muggles aren't as good as half/pure blood witches and wizards!
EvaOwl02 EvaOwl02 Mar 17
I will not bet with all of you 'cause we all know that we're right... 😂
But u can also dock and add points right? Not to mention you're allowed to give detentions
is it bothering anyone else that it is quidditch, not quittitch??? sorry that might sound harsh, but my inner hermione is coming out
Hufflepuff_Weirdo Hufflepuff_Weirdo Dec 17, 2016
Not all slytherins are bad some are just lost or they seem bed because they are really intimidating or they just have rbf like you never know . Ok I'm done ranting now
                              - Huffles
_the_fandom_made_me_ _the_fandom_made_me_ Oct 10, 2016
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