Zodiac High

Zodiac High

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Rebecca 'Becky' Henderson By Xx_ScorpioRocks_xX Updated Jun 12, 2017

High school is already hard itself. When you add romance into the mix, things are getting complicated.

A playful, comedy-packed, yet heart-melting high school romance story based on your favorite zodiacs.

Which couple is going to survive from the zodiac ship Hunger Games?

Cover by: @alienity

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  • aries
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  • cancer
  • capricorn
  • comedy
  • gemini
  • highschool
  • leo
  • libra
  • pisces
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Night. The sun is down and it’s perfect for being a night owl and binge watching anime.
Rantsandsupport Rantsandsupport Dec 20, 2017
If my hair was lighter and not so multicolored she'd look exactly like me except in anime
JaxonTheTrashBender JaxonTheTrashBender Apr 21, 2017
I really like this song its funny dumb and those are things that I enjoy very much and now I can't get it out of my head so thank you very much for that to. ~♐
I'm not a neat freak I am prob to lazy to clean so have it clean from the very beginning and I'm a girl yay!!!!!
SHSLInventor SHSLInventor Oct 29, 2017
You are a very very very very very kind soul but dont change anything about your story for anyone please
Galaxy-Gay-Trash Galaxy-Gay-Trash Sep 07, 2017
I'm very easily offend so if I see anything that offends me...ill just say the search is back on and go off...don't worry...ITS HAPPENED MANY TIMES GODDANGIT