Zodiac High

Zodiac High

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Rebecca 'Becky' Henderson By Xx_ScorpioRocks_xX Updated Sep 05

High school is already hard itself. When you add romance into the mix, things are getting complicated.

A playful, comedy-packed, yet heart-melting high school romance story based on your favorite zodiacs.

Which couple is going to survive from the zodiac ship Hunger Games?

Cover by: @alienity

Okay okay okay I ship Aquarius and Aries because they both have very strong heads and are both very powerful yet both hide sides of them not many see. And the two A signs duh.
Yes so plz do a Scorpio x Capricorn!! The nerd and the school bad girl fall in love!! *faints* the romance! Sorry if I'm weird I love your story!
21thomasj 21thomasj Sep 22
Please answer this comment 
                              Scorpios are water elemented not Earth so if Taurus is Earth and the why did you have the pm share dorms
Ohhhhhh I'd read it anyway if I was twelve. But I'm neither twelve nor thirteen.
                              Life of an adult is hard -says the fourteen year old.
I was actually offended ♋ and I didn't find the song funny, even if you were just attempting humor..
13 *read it anyway* *puts shades on* Damn it feels good to be gangster,a little gangster