Zodiac High

Zodiac High

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Rebecca 'Becky' Henderson By Xx_ScorpioRocks_xX Updated Jun 12, 2017

High school is already hard itself. When you add romance into the mix, things are getting complicated.

A playful, comedy-packed, yet heart-melting high school romance story based on your favorite zodiacs.

Which couple is going to survive from the zodiac ship Hunger Games?

Cover by: @alienity

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  • capricorn
  • comedy
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  • leo
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Night. The sun is down and it’s perfect for being a night owl and binge watching anime.
Rantsandsupport Rantsandsupport Dec 20, 2017
If my hair was lighter and not so multicolored she'd look exactly like me except in anime
Harlows_way Harlows_way Apr 17
I am an artist not a jock. The exact opposite. I am not athletic AT ALL
JaxonTheTrashBender JaxonTheTrashBender Apr 21, 2017
I really like this song its funny dumb and those are things that I enjoy very much and now I can't get it out of my head so thank you very much for that to. ~♐
I'm not a neat freak I am prob to lazy to clean so have it clean from the very beginning and I'm a girl yay!!!!!
farmy- farmy- Oct 29, 2017
You are a very very very very very kind soul but dont change anything about your story for anyone please