The Alpha's Little Cold-Hearted Mate ✔️ Completed

The Alpha's Little Cold-Hearted Mate ✔️ Completed

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Fight Till The End By AnimeFreak31525 Completed

Charlotte Black is the daughter of Jack and Marisa Black. They are the old Alpha and Luna of the pack because they died in a rouge attack and Charlotte watched as this happened. She was frozen in shock but then someone found her a few hours later. 

Since then she has always stayed in her room and if people tried to talk to her she shuts them out, is rude to them. 

Then she hears a month later she's gonna have a new alpha. She hates it. She tries to stay away from the new alpha but Charles, the beta, knocks on her door to introduce the new alpha. 

Also she is only nine and she can figure out who her mate is which is odd because usually you can't tell till your sixteenth birthday, she can shift, she's good at fighting maybe even the best, and she can do mostly everything.

Amazing Cover done by @-maetrix

We see your true colors shining through .We see your true colors and that's why I love you so don't be afraid let them your show your true colors true colors are beautiful like a rainbow
What I'm asking is how she was tall enough to hit her!? 😂