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Chasing Pearls

Chasing Pearls

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Abdullah By Le_Muslim_MAN Updated Jun 27

"So, you think I'm some kind of terrorist, huh? Fine, I'll show you true terror!"


They say a Muslim woman dressed modestly is like a pearl within its shell: priceless, protected, and preserved. And to Ahmad Abdul-Aziz, his beloved Ahlaam Majdi is more than such a treasure. It all began with a chance meeting between the poet and bookworm; a secret connection that blossomed into a romance. But not every romance is a fairytale fantasy.

Across the seas they journey, seeking marriage and a new life together. Honeymoon bliss is like a dream come true for the newlywed couple, until the nightmare begins. Wherever there is love there is hatred; and when the bigoted hatred of one ignorant man leads to the most devastating tragedy in the young couple's life, Ahmad has only one chance to save his wife from a terrifying end. With faith in Allah, he can only pray that his love will be enough to overcome the terror of hatred and bring back his precious pearl...

Just before I began pulling at my scarf in anger, I realized that that's actually- in a sad, twisted sense of the matter- is actually true. Of parents weren't making marriage seem so farfetched, perhaps, just perhaps, many of our brothers and sister wouldn't be falling into sin.
Allahuma Salli Wa Baarik 'Aala Muhammad, that's the beauty of the Sunnah that we fail to see!
1Jamada1 1Jamada1 Jun 05, 2016
I was readin this book som tym back 
                              Lemme think 
                              Where did it vanish ??
1Jamada1 1Jamada1 Jun 05, 2016
I hav to re start readin bcz i remeber a little only * cries*
NourElsayed01 NourElsayed01 Jun 19, 2016
So Im thinking I should read this uptil where you're at, amd then pick up and continue with the other one while continue to rewrite here. Is that a good idea? Or shall I just read this and wait for updates?
writer_muslimah writer_muslimah Jan 26, 2016
In Shaa Allah! I hope to see this book in the bookshops one day! :D