You're not my Daddy // L.H //

You're not my Daddy // L.H //

513K Reads 7.3K Votes 25 Part Story
Kinky Savage By DenialDaddy Completed

Charlie learns her next door neighbor, Luke Hemmings has a daddy kink.

This was my first published book and personally I think my writing is shit, the sequel Daddy Hemmings is much better written and slower progressed than this book. There are lots of errors and noticeable mistakes.

Thank you for all the reads I honestly did not expect so many of you to click on my book!

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klever_kim klever_kim Nov 25, 2017
Um no. I'm pretty sure that you are just my neighbor at this point. *whispers seductively* douchebag.
I said the whole sentence in a light tone and then said the word "punished"  in a really deep seductive voice and now I can't stop choking
LilMissAlphabetGirl LilMissAlphabetGirl Dec 03, 2017
That's weird, I mean I did that till I was twelve but then my dad kicked me off and said "no" and I was heart broken but then I realized that that's weird so I should stop
klever_kim klever_kim Nov 25, 2017
Him: You remind me of boiling water.
                              Her: because I'm hot? ;)
                              Him: no, because you make my noodle limp
ilhembd ilhembd Nov 30, 2017
This is like them people who kiss they parents on the mouth???
DestinyAlpha94 DestinyAlpha94 Dec 19, 2017
I still sit on my dads lap every once in a while. I know my mom sat in her dads lap just this year. It's not weird if you aren't doing anything wrong. It's also only weird if you make it weird lol