You're not my Daddy // L.H //

You're not my Daddy // L.H //

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Kinky Savage By DenialDaddy Completed

Charlie learns her next door neighbor, Luke Hemmings has a daddy kink.

This was my first published book and personally I think my writing is shit, the sequel Daddy Hemmings is much better written and slower progressed than this book. There are lots of errors and noticeable mistakes.

Thank you for all the reads I honestly did not expect so many of you to click on my book!

Charlie needs to learn the difference between your and you're.
LowKeyLeona LowKeyLeona Nov 06
My 6th grade gym teachers name was mr.clifford...I was into 5sos back then too and I cried when I found out that was his  name
This is soooo like my mom she prefers to let me alone with my bf that leave me all alone #trustissues
CatCycles CatCycles Nov 11
I may not do biology but ill do it for you look at that,... daddy material *wink wonk*
IM CVRYING 'don't take that the wrong way dirty minded people'HA
@DarbyKaser see these are my kinda daddy kinks just try I dare.