Life under 6 over protective brothers!!!

Life under 6 over protective brothers!!!

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tanushree27 By tanushree27 Updated 6 days ago

Ria is the only girl child in the Wilsons family, happy and contained, and a little sister to her 5 big brothers and a young brother.
Life is a thriller for her because her brothers will not miss a single chance to annoy or torment her.

But her life was equally boring too. Why? because she can't have a boyfriend. Forget making a boyfriend, the guys at school don't even dare to 
move around her because they all fear her 6 over protective brothers.

Wanna to know more, start reading the story. After all, this is just a summary.

Disclaimer: I am a new bee to writing stories. This is in fact my first time. So please bear with me and keep posting your suggestions and thoughts.

I'm loving this book so far. I have spotted some grammar and punctuation/spelling errors but that's to be expected in a first draft! Great job!!