ink | iwaoi.

ink | iwaoi.

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❝ he loves me. he loves me not. ❞


i own only the plot + the cover ;;☆ hq!! belongs to haruichi furudate // lapslock intended !!

[ created sometime in mid-janurary 2016 its so old // im sorry if its shit haha ]

[ soulmate AU: the first words your soulmate speaks to you is permanently tattooed on your wrist. ]

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KaorisDeath KaorisDeath Apr 02, 2017
But what if iwa chan has talked to him before, and oikawa didn't realise?
dont mind kageyama-kun!! dont dont mindoooo— kageyamaaaa!!
crazy_otaku0o0 crazy_otaku0o0 Sep 30, 2017
Iwaizumi: hey can i see your phone for a sec?
                              oikawa: okay wait a sec...*deleting pictures  of iwaizumi*
haikyuuhaven1 haikyuuhaven1 Mar 21, 2017
That reference to the volleyball don't mind don't mind thing tho 😂👌
schwing_for_me schwing_for_me Feb 01, 2017
wait IWA-CHAN was getting LOVE CONFESSIONS?? something is definitely wrong here
yikesuho yikesuho Sep 07, 2016
this is already so amazing omf im 
                              + your writing is just beautiful and so pretty and perf ajigsgh ♡♡