Everything  Started With An Autograph  (A BTS Fanfiction)

Everything Started With An Autograph (A BTS Fanfiction)

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Fuyuni By Fuyuni Updated Sep 01, 2016

You  were one kind of fan, that  was quite unusual. You are a boy and it was embarassing  enough  to stand among all those  girls who looked at you and thought  it was cute. Now you finally  get to meet your idols at the fanmeeting....just an autograph right?

I do not own BTS, I do not even know why I sometimes say that? Well it is true XD

Warning: This story is about boys love and quite some action that might be too much for some people. If you want to stay innocent SAVE YOURSELF NOW by clicking out of this story! What happens after you read it is not in my responsibility. You may never return to your former self after reading it. 

The lovely cover was drawn by my cute  hamster~  check that person's  stuff out!
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HeichouBoo HeichouBoo Feb 01
Damn, son. He was ignoring that poor girl and was undressing M/N with his eyes lmao
I remember this oneshot in a BTS Texts book where the reader wears glasses and she blames most of the members
                              Taehyung: I saw it with Suga-hyung!
                              Yoongi:no you didn't
                              Reader: Min Yoongi
                              Yoongi: it suits me it's mine now
If I had a drink I would've spit it all now on my screen and probably hit my head against the desk because of shock
Sounded like a moan? Yeah.. I do that sometimes.. my friend noticed and pointed it out it was kinda embarrassing considering we were at school..